What Other Services Do Tax Planners Offer?

Tax planners offer advice on how to save money by reducing the amount of taxes you pay either annually or in installments over time. They do this by analyzing a client’s financial situation and determining which tax deductions or credits apply to them to lower their tax burden. 

Also serving as a tax consultant, tax planners can offer advice on how to maximize retirement savings by:  

  • Minimizing tax liability
  • Where best to invest your money
  • What types of investments are best for you
  • Help manage capital gains taxes
  • How much risk you should take on to get higher returns


And if you own rental property, a tax consultant can help you deal with taxes on rental property income. 

Before looking for a tax professional to help you with tax planning, you need an idea of what you need. For example, if you need someone to help you file your taxes, a tax preparer would help you prepare tax forms; however, they rarely have extensive, specialized knowledge in tax codes. They won’t be able to assist you with more complex tax issues such as tax resolution and tax-saving strategies. 

Qualified tax planners have had formal education and experience in tax advising, possessing a range of different specialties and qualifications. The recognized certification process to become a tax planner varies by state; however, most tax professionals providing tax planning services have a degree in finance, accounting, tax law, or another related field and have been certified by a reputable tax association. 

The American Institute of Certified Tax Planners is a not-for-profit corporation that trains and certifies tax professionals. The organization administers designations such as Certified Tax Coach, Certified Tax Planner, and Certified Tax Strategist. The American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS) is another community of tax professionals which provides IRS tax problem resolution training and mentoring. The association administers the Certified Tax Resolution Specialist designation; restricted to Enrolled Agent, CPA, or Attorney members in good standing with the ASTPS. 

This formal education and experience allow the tax professional to help their clients through tax negotiation and mediation and represent them in front of the IRS. 

Tax planners’ services vary depending on their training and expertise; some specialize in handling personal income taxes while others focus on sales, payroll, property, estate planning, etc. At Golden Tax Relief, our experienced tax professionals also offer the following services: 

  • Offers in Compromise 
  • Wage Garnishments 
  • Bankruptcy 
  • Delinquent Tax Returns 
  • IRS Bank Levies 
  • Freedom of Info Requests 
  • IRS Payment Plans 
  • Payroll Tax Problems 
  • Freedom of Info Requests 
  • Innocent Spouse 
  • Penalty Abatement 


Hiring a tax planner may seem like an unnecessary expense, but they prove to be a worthwhile investment in the long run. The right tax planner provides many services for your business, along with the peace of mind that you’re being proactive about tax-saving strategies.  

The tax professionals at Golden Tax Relief have decades of experience in tax planning. If you recognize the signs in yourself or your business that it’s time for expert tax planning, click here for a consultation or call 844 229 8936.  


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