Meet Our Management Team

The tax planning experts at Golden Tax Relief prepare individuals and businesses to remain as tax efficient as possible by analyzing their financial situations. Our tax attorneys and enrolled agents have successfully planned tax situations for individuals and businesses. In addition, they prepare them for the possibility that they may face the IRS or the State. Our team of qualified experts will carefully evaluate your specific situation and create a comprehensive plan to ensure you remain financially secure for generations to come.

Ray Jordan

Chief Operating Officer

Jamie McGowan

Vice-President of Operations


Golden Tax Relief

Golden Tax Relief, LLC, is a Tax Negotiation and Mediation firm that specializes in providing affordable solutions to businesses and individuals alike who, for whatever reason, find themselves at odds with the IRS. Our experienced staff will represent you in front of the IRS, allowing you to continue with your life. You will not have to speak with an IRS agent.

My goal is to help my clients feel at peace by representing them knowledgeably, to protect them by working within the confines of their rights, and to let them know that their posterity will be secure in the years to come.

We Can Help You With

Offers in Compromise
Wage Garnishments
Delinquent Tax Returns
IRS Bank Levies
Freedom of Info Requests
IRS Payment Plans
Payroll Tax Problems
Freedom of Info Requests
Innocent Spouse
Penalty Abatement
and much more!