IRS Hires Private Debt Collection Companies!!!!

Well, this is the third time around, and the IRS is trying it yet again. The third time is the charm, right? In 1996 the pilot program launched and was halted quite abruptly after 12 months and a net loss of $17,000,000. In 2006 they put an end after a $4,500,000 net loss which took into account administration costs and spending of over $102 million. It looks like Congress is going down this road a third time. This program started a couple of months ago, and already we are hearing how these companies are breaking laws (Fair Debt Collections Practices Act).

What to do next? Well, if you owe the IRS, seek help of a professional! If you do get a call from one of these agencies, then ask them to transfer your case BACK to the IRS, and that you will be seeking the advice of a professional. They must refer the case back, then you get to deal the the IRS yourself. These debt collectors can ONLY collect, they cannot help you resolve your issue. The IRS may call, and they can still come to your house.

If you need help with back IRS debt, feel free to give us a call….we can help protect you!

Ben Golden

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