Do Taxpayers Have Rights When Collection Agencies Bully Them?

Many people wrongly assume that the collection agencies and the IRS, in general, have all the rights in the world! They usually feel helpless when faced with the power they hold over them and the knowledge they possess.

However, the reality is that they have much less power over you than you might believe. The truth is that you, as a taxpayer, have a lot more rights than you think you do.

That’s what we want to talk about in this article. After reading the text, you’ll feel a lot more powerful when faced with the might of collection agencies!

How Collection Agencies Abuse the Rights You Have

The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act from 1977 states that debt collectors have the right to interact with you. However, that doesn’t mean that they can mistreat you – which many often do as they are well aware that most people are not familiar with their rights in such circumstances.

They use this power that they feel they have to intimidate you, bluff, or outright lie – all because they want to have an easier time of getting money from you.

There are several methods they usually use:

  • Some collectors often try to settle the debts of people without putting everything in writing. Watch out for such fraudsters! If it’s not put in writing, then it’s not legal.
  • You get a call in which a person threatens to garnish your salary before you receive it. This is a lie; they cannot do that. They have to sue you first, and such a thing usually lasts for months.
  • Debt collectors must call you between 8 am and 9 pm, which is the law. If they call you outside that time, you have every right to not answer. Some collection agencies tend to call when they believe you may be more tired, and your defenses will be down.
  • Some collectors and agencies tend to call other people besides you – like your friends, family, and even employers. Know that they have no right to do this because the financial information they have cannot be revealed to people who are not you. Their plan here is usually to embarrass people, but know that you can embarrass them by stating that you’ll sue them for disclosing private information!

How to Deal with Collection Agencies

You are probably getting a clear picture of what collection agencies can and cannot do by now.

If they call you outside of the hours we mentioned, if they are rude, if they threaten you, if they give you false information, or if they in any way make you feel like you’re in danger, know that you have every right not to talk to them or deal with them in any way.

Remember that these are your rights according to the law, and thus, they cannot mistreat you in any way.

If such things do occur, stay calm, take notes of what’s happening, and end the call. Then you can contact the IRS to complain or to make things easier, call us and we’ll tell you what you need to do to stay within your rights and stop the agencies from abusing those rights.

You can also hire us to represent you and help you in such situations. We have the same knowledge they do, but the difference is that we work for you, not the IRS.

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