Celebrity Tax Evasion – The Lauryn Hill Story

Welcome to another one of our celebrity tax evasion stories! This time, we’ll cover the story of the popular singer Lauryn Hill and how she ended up in jail for tax evasion.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Who is Lauryn Hill?

For those who don’t know, Lauryn Hill is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter. She is famous for both her involvement in the Fugees and her solo career.

Lauryn received several notable awards and broke several sales records over her long career, which started in 1988. She was only 13 years old when she began singing!

She is particularly notable for her African-American and Caribbean music influences, as well as for her popular interpretation of the famous song Killing Me Softly.

Her fruitful involvement with the band Fugees ended not so amicably in 1997. However, a great, yet short, solo career followed afterward. She released only one album in 1998, which brought her a lot of critical acclaim and sold eight million copies.

However, soon after that success, she fell away from the public eye. Being famous didn’t suit her, but she was also very disappointed in how the entire music industry operates. Everything that followed didn’t go well for her, including her tax evasion escapade.

Lauryn Hill’s Tax Evasion Story

The couple of years which followed her initial solo success went poorly for the famous singer. As we already explained, she was displeased with the music industry and fame. Additionally, whenever she made some new song or played live, it didn’t go well either. Her behavior also tended to alienate fans and others.

The charges came abruptly in the middle of 2012. Lauryn was charged with three counts of tax fraud and failing to file taxes. The IRS had an issue with $1.8 million of her income from 2005 and 2007.

She came out saying that she only stopped filing taxes when she withdrew from society and needed to protect the safety of her children. Soon after, she appeared in front of the court and pleaded guilty. Her attorney promised that she would pay everything she owed to the government.

By April 2013, she had only paid a small amount of what she owed. Soon in May, she was sentenced to three months of jail time. She got an additional three months of house arrest and a year of supervised probation.

The sentence was rather lenient, as she was facing a possible 36 months jail sentence. The judge decided to go with the smaller sentence because Lauryn had no prior criminal records. Plus, the judge was also aware that the singer had six children to support.

After the whole court ordeal, she served her three months sentence in a minimum-security prison. Her behavior after her imprisonment didn’t change much, but at least she didn’t go to jail for tax evasion once more!

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