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“In 2012, I had my identity stolen, and someone tried to file my taxes without my knowledge. It took four years for me to get it straightened out. After several trips to the sheriff’s department, letters to the IRS, and dealing with the Taxpayer Advocate office, I finally got it straightened out. It was a mess! I know how the IRS works, and it was extremely frustrating to know what needed to be done, yet be unable to get their help. I can only imagine how someone who doesn’t know or understand the IRS must feel. It messed up my ability to file electronically, and also led to creditor issues.”

–Ben Golden, Founder and CEO of Golden Tax Relief

Dealing with the IRS is terrifying for someone who has never dealt with them. They have an unbelievable amount of power, and this is where you need protection and preparedness. The government will see to it that citizens pay the maximum tax amount. And without the proper understanding and process put in place, you could end up owing tens of thousands extra or even find yourself in a tax evasion situation.   

Golden Tax Relief was created to bring a solution to the complex financial lives of individuals, families, and business owners. In order to perform due diligence, Ben Golden and his team incorporate tax efficiency features into manager selection. Golden Tax Relief identifies the most effective approach to a client’s portfolio according to the return profile.  

The Importance of Hiring a Qualified Tax Planning Firm

Our GTR team has over 100 years of combined experience, with diverse financial backgrounds.  We are proudly associated with the National Association of Enrolled Agents, American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, and National Society of Accountants – and Mr. Golden is an Expert Coach for (previously with countless appearances on tax related podcasts and webinars. 

When financial and tax planning is at the forefront of your list, it’s important to select a reputable firm with the experience and education that will successfully meet your financial goals and retain as much income as possible through effective tax planning.  

Ben Golden, founder and CEO of Golden Tax Relief, holds a Masters in Taxation, is a Certified Tax Coach, Certified Tax Resolution Specialist, Certified Tax Planner, and an Expert Coach in Advanced Tax Planning through as well as a member of the National Tax Practice Institute™. 

Consider Choosing a Certified Tax Coach

As you search for the best tax planning firm to help you gain insight into your current financial situation, consider hiring a certified tax coach. Certified Tax Coaches are a specialized group of tax professionals who are trained in the art of long-term, proactive tax planning. In addition to their tax degrees and certifications, Certified Tax Coaches are required to complete comprehensive education focused on high-impact tax planning strategies. Additionally, Certified Tax Coaches must adhere to the American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches (AICTC) Code of Ethics, which ensures that the strategies and ideas used to create your plan comply with the law. 

Overpaying the IRS and overlooking deductions is a common problem among millions of American taxpayers. Golden Tax Relief’s tax professionals scour the tax code and carefully examine each customer’s income and business options to salvage every deduction, credit, and tax advantage available. Mr. Golden’s team emphasizes year-round proactive planning to ensure that clients can utilize every available loophole and savings opportunity possible. 

Say Goodbye to Over-Spending Thousands With the IRS

Finding a Tax Planner that Shares Their Wealth of Knowledge

It’s also important to hire a tax planning company that fully understands what they market. To often you will find a bookkeeping service or CPA service that offers tax planning services as well. While there is no fault here, it’s wise to look at the amount of knowledge they share regarding financial and tax planning.   

Many users have begun taking to online searches for the wealth of knowledge shared among tax planners. Newsletters, websites, podcasts, and blogs are some of the methods certified tax planners are using to help those seeking. 

Mr. Golden has been featured on a number of notable and popular podcasts sharing his decades of knowledge on advanced tax planning solutions. Popular taxation podcasts such as the LifeBlood Podcast and the Business Credit & Financing Show to name a few. Along with these digital audio accounts of the expertise Golden Tax Relief brings to their customers, insightful blog articles and helpful tax newsletters are more digital and freely downloadable publications that you can find in your search for a reputable tax planner. 

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At Golden Tax Relief, we provide expert tax planning services to those who need help understanding the complexities of tax planning. With decades of experience and tax code knowledge, we can help ensure you’re not overpaying your taxes and rewarded with financial stability. For expert tax planning advice, click here for a consultation or call (844) 229-8936. You can also reach out via our chatbox found at the bottom of this screen.  

The credentials shared between Ben Golden and the team at Golden Tax Relief help clients meet their financial goals and retain as much income as possible through effective tax planning. 

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