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  • Golden Gate University-Taxation (M.A)

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During my postgraduate years, I prepared income taxes for corporations, trusts, estates, and individuals as a clerk, staff accountant, and eventually a business owner. In 2004, I purchased the family-owned Golden Income Tax & Accounting Inc. based in Thomasville, AL, a firm focused on individual taxes. After moving to Panama City, FL in 2005, I started my second firm, HSG Accounting Inc, with a focus on assisting companies and their owners. In 2014, I sold this firm and purchased a construction company, converting their office operations to an automated system and handling their books. Soon after, I began my newest venture: Golden Tax Relief LLC.

I felt it was important to open Golden Tax Relief LLC because of my own past experiences with the IRS. In 2012, I had my identity stolen, and someone tried to file my taxes without my knowledge. It took four years for me to get it straightened out. After several trips to the sheriff’s department, letters to the IRS, and dealing with the Taxpayer Advocate office, I finally got it straightened out. It was a mess! I know how the IRS works, and it was extremely frustrating to know what needed to be done, yet be unable to get their help. I can only imagine how someone who doesn’t know or understand the IRS must feel. It messed up my ability to file electronically, and also led to creditor issues.

Dealing with the IRS is terrifying for someone who has never dealt with them. You don’t know what to say to them, and you live in fear and anxiety from the IRS auditors. They are the world’s most notorious collection agency. They have an unbelievable amount of power, and this is where you need protection. I know and understand what they can do, and I can protect you from letting them take money out of your account and garnishing your personal wages. The techniques that we use at Golden Tax Relief also help put an end to the future collection issues and threatening letters in the mail. Our tax resolution services will help you fix your credit, lift the burden of tax problems, and finally buy that car or home.

Our Values

Peace. Protection. Posterity.

My goal is to help my clients feel at peace by representing them knowledgeably, to protect them by working within the confines of their rights, and to let them know that their posterity will be secure in the years to come.


Golden Tax Relief

Golden Tax Relief, LLC, is a Tax Negotiation and Mediation firm that specializes in providing affordable solutions to businesses and individuals alike who, for whatever reason, find themselves at odds with the IRS. Our experienced staff will represent you in front of the IRS, allowing you to continue with your life. You will not have to speak with an IRS agent.

My goal is to help my clients feel at peace by representing them knowledgeably, to protect them by working within the confines of their rights, and to let them know that their posterity will be secure in the years to come.

We Can Help You With

Offers in Compromise
Wage Garnishments
Delinquent Tax Returns
IRS Bank Levies
Freedom of Info Requests
IRS Payment Plans
Payroll Tax Problems
Freedom of Info Requests
Innocent Spouse
Penalty Abatement
and much more!

"If I have a question or concern regarding tax issues, Ben has always been available with the answers. I am very pleased to with the results that I have received from Ben and look forward to our continued professional relationship."

— P. Lowery

"I give Ben an unreserved and enthusiastic recommendation. He is a true professional. I feel valued and appreciate Ben’s depth of knowledge in accounting and tax matters. "

— B. Elder

"Ben is professional, friendly, easy to work with, and utterly brilliant with finances, personal and business taxes, and payroll. In addition, he is the go-to person for help with getting a company started."

— H. Pituch

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