4 Things You Can Do If Your Tax Refunds Are Delayed

Tax refunds are processed relatively quickly nowadays, usually within three weeks at the most, sometimes much earlier. However, it’s not a rare thing that they are delayed for a variety of reasons, ranging from errors, oversights, or something more complicated.

Even though the reasons for a delay are always different from case to case, there are still several things you can do to find the causes, deal with them, and eventually receive your tax refunds.

1.    Don’t Wait for It to Arrive

That is the first and most important rule. If your tax refund is more than three weeks late, then there must be some problem, which means that it will not arrive until you deal with it. In the system we have today, unfortunately, dealing with a delay rests solely on the taxpayer, not on the IRS.

You can see what’s happening with your refund on the IRS website or via their app. When you know what the problem is, you can start handling it in a way that suits your specific situation.

2.    File the Things You Need to File

In most cases, people don’t receive a tax refund because they haven’t filed all the things they need to submit. The IRS will usually contact you to tell you that there are some forms you haven’t filled out and that you are required to do so if you want to receive your tax refund.

In some cases, you will also need to change some information because you made a mistake or for some other reason. In these cases, you usually need to file an amended return, and that should be it.

3.    Contact the IRS

In most cases of a delayed tax refund or any other problem with the IRS, the first and often the only solution is to contact them and see what the issue is and how to deal with it. Most people want to avoid having any dealings with the IRS whatsoever, but sometimes you have to.

However, you always have another solution if you want to have as few dealings with them as is humanly possible. That solution is our next and last suggestion.

4.    Hire a Tax Resolution Specialist

There are many reasons why your tax refunds have been delayed, and sometimes you won’t even understand why they are delayed. It is better to hire a professional who has the right knowledge about these things and can help you, unlike the IRS themselves. A professional will explain to you your rights, some of which are:

  • The right to be informed
  • The right to pay no more than you need to
  • The right to challenge the IRS
  • The right to a fair-minded tax system

If you require further assistance, feel free to contact Golden Tax Relief, and we will take a thorough look at your specific situation and offer you the precise services you can use and the things you need to do to get those coveted tax refunds.

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