3 Signs Your Tax Resolution Company Is the Real Deal

In recent years the tax relief industry has been booming. And while this has improved tax compliance in the US, there has also been an emergence of deceitful tax resolution companies that took advantage of their clients.

It created a bad reputation, and people are wary of companies marketing themselves as a quick and easy solution to taxpayer debt.

However, there are good companies who resolve tax debt out there. All you have to do is notice these three signs to know your tax relief company is the real deal. But before you do…

What is a tax resolution company?

A tax resolution (or tax relief) company offers financial and legal assistance to private and corporate taxpayers who are looking to resolve complicated tax issues. Its central role is to negotiate the lowest tax payment plan with the IRS that is beneficial to the client and allowed by law.

  1. A team of skilled tax resolution specialists

A tax resolution company is only as good as the staff it employs. All of them must be able to legally represent you in front of the IRS, or contribute to the process during your case. That’s why a quality team of representatives needs to include these professionals:

  •    Certified Public Accountant (CPA) – accountants trained to help taxpayers with their records;
  •    Enrolled Agent – tax specialists authorized at a federal level to represent taxpayers;
  •    Tax Attorney – lawyers that specialize in legal tax matters.

In case the company you are looking into doesn’t have one of these experts on their team, you might consider not to hire them.

  1. Specialized tax relief solutions

Professional tax resolution services offer guidance on many tax-related issues which usually includes bankruptcy, payroll tax problems, wage garnishments, liens, collection appeals, offer in compromise and audits. All these services protect your rights as a taxpayer.

It is also a sign of quality. A company that provides advanced, tax-specific services mean it is specialized to represent clients on both legal and accountancy matters.

If a company offers bookkeeping, accounting, and general business tax services, it only has a basic understanding of what is required for tax relief to produce results for you.

  1. Check Ratings and Referrals

When you’re facing a proverbial tax wall of the IRS, being a taxpayer can be incredibly nerve-wracking. In those situations, it’s tough to establish trust with tax resolution specialists, even ones with an outstanding reputation.

Most people look towards family and friends for advice and referrals. A relation may have been in a similar situation.

Sometimes all you need is an offer in compromise.

If that falls through, you should check the Better Business Bureau. It is an independent organization that evaluates companies based on their performance and success rate. If a company has a reputation for ripping off clients, you can be sure there will be bad reviews and complaints filed against it on the site.

Remember, you hold the keys to your tax relief so take your time. Explore all the options available, until you find the one that’s right for you. If you require more advice or you want to learn more about our track record, contact us at Golden Tax Relief and let’s find a solution together.

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