29 Year Old Defrauds the IRS of over $1,000,000

Dimas Chavez-Pina, 29, of Milwaukee plead guilty to theft of government money, aggravated ID theft, and being an illegal immigrant in connection with tax return fraud.
According to the plea agreement, Chavez-Pina fraudulently obtained ITINs using the personal ID documents from citizens of Mexico and then fraudulently filed returns. In the returns, he claimed the Additional Child Tax Credit by falsely claimed dependents. From 2011 through June 2014, Chavez-Pina received $1,058,827.69 from his tax fraud scheme.
He faces two to 12 years in prison, agreed to pay $1,058,827.69 restitution to the IRS and to be voluntarily deported to Mexico.
While this is a new twist, the US Government struggles to find ways to stop illegal immigration tax fraud. The Center of Immigration Studies agrees. Check out this Memo that was put out in 2011:
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